Lean Healthcare - Our People

Lean Healthcare - Our People

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Don Clark MBA: Business Development Consultant

Don Clark is a senior Lean transformation manager with the Leading Edge Group and is based in Denver, Colorado. He specializes in developing customized Lean Six Sigma (LSS) programs tailored to drive value enhancement within a client’s unique value streams.

In addition to his Leading Edge Group responsibilities, Don is an executive programs faculty member for the Institute for Leadership and Organizational Performance at Daniels College of Business and serves as the program director for the Leading Edge Group/Daniels College Lean Healthcare programs.

Don is currently supporting a Lean transformation program across seven hospitals within a healthcare authority in British Columbia. He has specific responsibility for facilitating a number of Kaizen events, executive coaching, and Lean White and Green Belt programs. Don also supported a full Lean transformation in 2008 for Advance Fibre Technologies (AFT) at their Sherbrooke facility in Montreal, Canada.

Pat has a proven track record in managing a variety of process improvement engagements from his base in Ireland. He possesses a wide range of experience in streamlining and re-engineering business processes, and uses a wide range of Lean tools and techniques in supporting continuous improvement programs in the healthcare sector.

Pat has used these skills to enable healthcare organizations to achieve increased process efficiencies and improved productivity levels. He has worked directly in healthcare insurance – claims, renewals, cash collections; laboratories – testing and process; donor clinics (mobile and fixed); blood banks – collections, separation, component laboratory, aphresis processes; primary care clinics; hospitals; and hospital administration - pensions, recruitment, billings, and IT support services.

Pat’s recent healthcare clients include:

Voluntary Health Insurance (public healthcare insurance provider) - Ireland

Irish Blood Transfusion Service - Ireland

Health Service Executive (HSE) - Ireland

Etablissement Français du Sang, Marseille, Nantes, Rennes – France

Centro de Transfusión de Galicia, San Sebastian - Spain

National Blood Bank Service, Newcastle - UK

Joe Aherne is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), having received a

Meritorious Distinction from the CPA Institute, with over 25 years

experience in the multinational sector. He also has attained

qualifications from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and from CITY

Joe established the Leading Edge Group in

1995 as a niche boutique consulting and education company supporting

the multi-national sector. The Group is now recognized as one of the

largest independent consulting organizations in Europe with over 600

projects completed successfully since its inception.

In April 2005, Joe launched the new

International Standard in Lean comprising 4 levels of certification

commencing with a Yellow Belt certification and leading to a Lean

Master Black Belt. He is currently leading a major international drive

in the use of Lean Healthcare philosophies and practices.

John Whelton has a Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Communications,

and has over 8 years’ experience in instructional design and

the development of distance, on-line, and blended learning.

He has held key roles in Product Development

with leading learning solutions providers CBT Systems, SmartForce, and

SkillSoft, and acted as Production Manager in one of their Irish

John is responsible for the development,

administration, and associated customer service for our Lean

Certification programs. He manages a team of Subject Matter Experts,

Quality Assurance Editors, Instructional and Graphic Designers who are

responsible for developing the on-line lessons and support services

that make up our certification programs. He works closely with each of

the supporting institutes and universities to ensure that their program

requirements and standards are met and maintained. He also oversees

program assessment and examination development and support in

Joe has a First Class Engineering Degree from University College Cork, Ireland and an MBA from the Open University. He has a keen interest in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, with over 24 years experience in the multinational sector. Joe initially worked in Engineering Line Support on complex product assemblies, and later moved into Product Design. Joe has also provided support to production, sales, and customers in a variety of management roles.

In latter years, Joe has held roles in Project Management and Engineering Management where he was able to apply some of the core Lean philosophies and tools. In his most recent position with Artesyn Technologies, he held the role of VP of Engineering with responsibility for locations in the US and in Ireland.

Joe joined the Leading Edge Group in 2004, and has successfully leveraged his experience to support clients through expert training and facilitation. He has worked with a wide variety of manufacturing clients on Lean training and consultancy assignments including Alcon Laboratories; Sercom Solutions; Gambo BCT; Kostal; Kerry Group; Teleflex; Irish Gas Board; and Hi Life Tools.

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