How to Lose Weight can it be a hard process? Fastest Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight can it be a hard process?  Fastest Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight can it be a hard process?

Posted by admin in January 16th 2009

Losing weight isn’t really a hard process. As long as you are determined and motivated to do so, then you can do it. Anything is possible. Ways on how to lose weight don’t need strange diets, magic pills, fitness gadgets, or special exercises. You just need to make minor changes in your daily lifestyle. If you’re patient with these, then you’ll slowly yet surely shed off those unwanted pounds.

Here are some rules on weight loss. First, if you wish to lose one pound, you have to burn 3500 calories. It sounds impossible but this can be done by tracking how many calories you eat. You can keep a food journal and add up the amount of calories you take in during the day. List down what you eat and drink. If you’re eating less calories than what you are burning, then you will definitely lose weight. But if you’re eating more calories and burning less, then your efforts are to no avail.

You can also do alternatives of other activities such as these: Instead of drinking coke in the afternoon, you can drink a glass of water instead. You will save 97 calories. Instead of munching on an egg muffin, you can eat a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter. You will save 185 calories.

Here are other ways on how to lose weight, instead of catching up on work or eating a snack during your break, you can walk up and down a flight of stairs for about ten minutes. In doing this, you burned 100 calories. You also don’t have to hit the snooze button. Instead, what you can do is just get up and go for a brisk walk in order to shed off 100 calories.

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