FAQs B3 Healthy

FAQs  B3 Healthy

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FAQ’s What is B3-Healthy? B3-Healthy is a non-profit network of local professionals that specialize in the areas of Mental, Physical and Financial health. We have implemented a team approach to better serve our clientele and the community by combining our time, talents, expertise, relationships and resources. This is important, because now we can offer our clients value added services that were not previously available to our individual practices or our clientele. Why should I become a B3-Healthy member? All B3-Healthy members are entitled to added value services from their health care provider. Including a discount shopping program, weekly good health articles, additional birthday discounts and our client appreciation events. Do I have to be a client of one of B3-Healthy’s listed professionals to be a member of B3-Healthy? In order to take full advantage of what B3-Healthy has to offer like the discount shopping program, weekly good health articles, client appreciation fun/educational events and birthday discounts your health care professional will need to be registered with B3-Healthy. What if my Health Care Professional is not registered with B3-Healthy? You can still register to receive the B3-Healthy weekly newsletter. And of course, introduce your Health Care Professional to B3-Healthy. Or, become a client/patient of one B3-Healthy’s listed professionals to take full advantage of all that B3-Healthy has to offer. How do I register to become a member of B3-Healthy? From the home page click the register button. On the next screen you will be able to select your health care professional, and input your information. When finished, click submit. Why is my e-mail address required to become a B3-Healthy member? The only way B3-Healthy communicates with its members is through e-mail. Through e-mail we are able to send you the weekly good health articles, give you updates on sponsors and the discounts they offer as well as information on client appreciation events. What if my child is a client of one B3-Healthy’s registered professionals but does not have an e-mail address? If your child is a client/patient of one of B3-Healthy’s registered professionals but does not have an e-mail address than the legal guardian’s e-mail address will need to be inputted on the registration form. Where do I pick up my Members Reward Card? Once you have successfully registered to become a B3-Healthy member, you can print out your registration form and take it to your B3-Healthy Health Care Provider. They will verify that you are a client/patient of theirs and they will present you with your member rewards card. How many rewards cards can I have? Only one rewards card per registered person. How do I know what sponsors give discounts? All of B3-Healthy’s sponsors offer a discount to participating members. We are continually adding new sponsors, so check the sponsors page regularly to be updated on all the discounts that are offered. You can also look for the B3-Healthy logo at all participating Business. What happens if I lose my rewards card? Contact B3-Healthy at contact@b3healthy.com to receive your new card. There is a $5.00 fee plus postage to replace your lost card. Is our membership information secure and kept private? YES, B3-Healthy has gone to great lengths to make sure your information is protected from any outside sources, also B3-Healthy will never sale or give your information to any outside party. How long is my reward card good until? Your reward card is good until further notice from B3-Healthy.Is my information protected?Your information is stored in a Secure Data Center. All information is keep private and confidential and will be used only for B3-Healthy activities. Where is B3-Healthy located? B3-Healthy is located in Cedar City Utah. We are currently offering memberships for the clientele of select Iron County B3-Healthy Professionals. If I have additional questions who do I contact? You can contact Lonnie Behunin by clicking on the "Contact" link at the top of this page.

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