TOP 10 Fitness books

TOP 10 Fitness books

Reviewed by: D. Sull

Born to Run succeeds at three levels. First, it is a page turner. The create up to a fifty-mile foot race over some of the world''s least hospitable terrain drives the narrative forward.

Written by: Bill Phillips, Michael D''Orso
Reviewed by: Keith Vaglienti

"body, for Life", is an impressive book if you''re a fitness beginner who''s trying to find out how to get in shape and stay in shape or, probably, someone who''s been working out and/or dieting for a while and doesn''t seem to be making much headway towards losing weight and getting in shape.

Written by: Elaine Petrone
Reviewed by: tina

The Miracle Ball Method: Relieve Your Pain, Reshape Your Organism, Reduce Your Stress [2 Miracle Balls Included] is a method of pain relief designed by Elaine Petrone after struggling with her own very bad back pain.

Written by: Esther Gokhale, Susan Adams
Reviewed by: Kurt Schwarz

This is by far the single best source for healing back pain that I have seen. I hurt my lower back pretty badly doing heavy deadlifts after too long of a layoff (entirely my fault, I know), and pursued a wide variety of various therapy methods.

Written by: F. E. Wilkins
Reviewed by: busyteacher2

The spiral bound Dietminder is a nice solution of choice if you''re seeking a comfortable and convenient way of tracking of your food intake. While there is a space offered to write down your daily physical activity, it is minimal.

Written by: Mark Lauren, Joshua Clark
Reviewed by: Paul S. Okstad

Update: There is now a companion application for Iphone available on the application shop. Search for You Are Your Own Sport gym on Itunes. This application goes awesome with the book since it enables a user to use timers for the excercises.

Written by: Bob Anderson, Jean Anderson
Reviewed by: marathongirl63

I liked "Stretching" on stretching for several reasons. The first is its simplicity. The images and instructions are very straightforward, making it quite simple to do general stretches.

Written by: Danny Dreyer, Katherine Dreyer
Reviewed by: Lincoln

I have been a barefoot runner since 2005, at which time I re-learned how to correctly run using my awareness and the teachings of numerous sources. I have read Danny Dryer''s Chirunning book and watched his Chirunning Dvd. I have also studied The Pose Running Technique on Dvd and the workbook.

Written by: Rich Roll
Reviewed by: Louis Coniglio

I''ve actually come to enjoy books about healthier living, from fitness to improving one''s food intake (''diet'' is a dirty word. I''ve lost plenty of weight myself via enhanced eating habits and more workout.

Written by: John J. Ratey, Eric Hagerman
Reviewed by: steven langston

This book explains in clear terms the role workout plays in our mental workflows. Moving our muscles produces proteins that play roles in our highest thought workflows. Ratey says, thinking is the internalization of movement.

Written by: Mishka Shubaly
Reviewed by: TKKMfamily

Maybe I was hoping for something various. I don''t think I was pregnant something as inspiring as Dean Karnazes'' Run, but I also wasn''t pregnant something as depressing as "The Long Run" turned out to be.

Written by: B. K. S. Iyengar, Yehudi Menuhin
Reviewed by: A Customer

Whether you are seeking a physical improvement or a mental one, Light on Yoga will give you what you need. Each asana is accompanied by at least one (usually more) photographs to illustrate the proper technique, a synopsis on the effects, and details instructions that anyone can follow.

Written by: Peter Kelder, Bernie S. Siegel
Reviewed by: A Customer

I began doing the rites when I was 28 solely because they''re rapid and ''easy. '' I still feel that repetitive workout that goes on longer than 15 minutes -- except walking -- is some kind of evil-self torture. I''m 36.

Here it goes:1. I look the same as my mug in pics taken 8 years ago.

Written by: Daniel G. Amen M.D.
Reviewed by: leafreader

The book is not bad. There are very interesting data on brain kinds. The large issue with the book is frankly a lack of focus.

You may very well come away with an Omg-now-what feeling. That''s because the author attempt to cover many possibilities that contribute to the same issue.

Written by: David Swenson
Reviewed by: "mtolentino"

This book is an extremely easy-to-use book for beginner and advanced persons doing Ashtanga yoga. I am a beginner and found this an invaluable solution in my individual practice. It has choices of clinics, full practice of Primary and Second Series or the short forms of 15min.

, 30 min.

Written by: Jennifer Jolan
Reviewed by: Natasha Banner

Thank You For This Book. My roommate is a runner and she is fit and trim but I think she is obsessed with running. She got "Running SUCKS! How to Run for Fast Weight Loss" just to demonstrate it to me because I spent the entire last semester telling her how much running sucks and how much I hate it.

Written by: Michael Matthews
Reviewed by: Adam M

I''d been working out religiously five days per week for about 2 years before I began Michael''s program. During that time, I''d made fairly nice progress for the first 6 months, but then after that I plateau''d. I wouldn''t actually gain or lose after that point.

Written by: A. J. Jacobs
Reviewed by: Caraculiambro

I''m perhaps Jacobs'' biggest fan. I have all of "Drop Dead Healthy"s and have read, I think, all of his posts. With nearly every other author, I am loth to paid extra cash for hardback and will simply wait until the book comes out in paperback.

Written by: Mark Sisson
Reviewed by: Bob Kelly

Overall I think Mark Sisson did a nice work putting "The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation" together and supporting his arguments, but the actual blueprint is a stretch I think for the mere mortal to follow.

Written by: William J Broad
Reviewed by: Leslie Kaminoff

Review of William J.

Written by: Martin Kirk, Brooke Boon, Daniel DiTuro
Reviewed by: Jody

I have been practicing yoga for several years now and have read tons of books on the subject. This is an impressive book on the basics. It covers 70 poses not including variations.

Written by: Scott Jurek, Steve Friedman
Reviewed by: G. Kellner

Many people first heard of Scott Jurek due to Chris Mcdougall''s Born to Run, although I think I had had heard of him via Runner''s World. I must confess, I was anxiously awaiting the publication of "Eat and Run", admiring it on Amazon and counting the days until June 5th.

Written by: Blandine Calais-Germain
Reviewed by: P. Lozar

As a student of yoga and dance, I''ve been seeking an anatomy book to help me realize what''s involved in movement. To my regret, most of the books I found were encyclopedic reference tomes that overwhelmed me with data.

Written by: Mark Rippetoe, Jason Kelly
Reviewed by: weekend warrior

I''d advise "Starting Strength" for just about everybody who lifts weights. Beginners can greatly benefit from it to learn nice form right off the bat. Suffered lifters might also wish to check it out because, a) there''s always more to learn, and b) your form might not be as nice as you think it is.

Written by: Sri S. Satchidananda
Reviewed by: Jaishankar Panchapakesan

This is *the* book to refer to get a proper understanding of the philosophy of Yoga. I have gone via other books ( B.

Iyengar , Georg Feuerstein , Swami Prabhavananda ) and some audio cassetes on the Yoga Sutras. This is by far the best book on the subject.

Written by: T. K. V. Desikachar
Reviewed by: Vasudevan Srinivasan

No introduction is needed for the author (son of famous yogacharya Sri T Krishnamacharya). I got interested in yoga after reading his series of posts in Indian magazines in late 1980s. First of all, "The Heart of Yoga" is not an explanation of yoga poses (i advise Light on Yoga for that).

Written by: Tara Guber, Leah Kalish, Sophie Fatus
Reviewed by: Yoga Teacher

I''m a children yoga trainer, and use cards with my classes almost weekly. I''d been using the Children Yoga Deck for years, and then I finally purchased this deck. I much prefer the Yoga Pretzel deck, because they are twice the size of the others.

Written by: Ray Long, Chris Macivor
Reviewed by: College Girl

This book is great. Have both Vol I & Ii, and they are invaluable for anyone wanting to learn about yoga, being healthier, or any nursing or med, or physical treatment student.

Written by: Gretchen Reynolds
Reviewed by: Robert C. Ross

As a 75 year old I''ve led a very active life, exercising regularly and hiking and climbing for as much as 30 miles a day. Even now, I spend an hour a day walking, and half an hour three times a week with no-cost weights and a couple of various workout machines.

Written by: Bryon Powell, Eric Grossman
Reviewed by: Stephen Reed Personal Training

I picked up a copy of Bryon''s book a few weeks back, with the intention of progressing into ultra distance running. I have been running on and off for 3 years and purchased the book not actually for the training plans, but seeking motivator and inspiration.

Written by: Ray Long, Chris Macivor
Reviewed by: College Girl

This book is great. Have both Vol I & Ii, and they are invaluable for anyone wanting to learn about yoga, being healthier, or any nursing or med, or physical treatment student.

Written by: Jackie Warner
Reviewed by: J.S.

I just finished my first ten days with this program and i Did lose ten pounds. I''m so impressed to start phase two. I borrowed "10 Pounds in 10 Days" on a whim from the library but wish to add it to my individual collection because of the maintenance pages and sample menus.

Written by: Martin Rooney
Reviewed by: Johnnycakes

Ok, I will be the first to admit, that the title says it all: Warrior Cardio. Maybe that should have been a clue that this is going to go way beyond what most people are seeking in a exercise book.

Written by: Chrissie Wellington, Lance Armstrong
Reviewed by: Lost In 80''s

This is a awesome book, well written and quickly paced - I finished it rapidly and wished it had been longer. I''d advise it to anyone, particularly those who participate or follow triathlon, or its constituent sports.

Written by: Ryan Robert
Reviewed by: Words to Run By

What I like most about Ryan''s book is that it is simplistic in nature. If you are seeking awesome detail or have been running for years, "The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide" is not for you.

Written by: Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Reviewed by: Joanna Daneman

The New Rules of Lifting are popular books, in particular the edition for women: New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift like a Man, look like a Goddess.

Written by: American College of Sports Medicine
Reviewed by: Douglas Jones

Acsm is one of the most reputable organizations for anything dealing with workout. I am using "ACSM''s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription" for a class in college and it is ideal. There are awesome tables, figures, and flow-charts.

Written by: Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche
Reviewed by: Joanne

This is a cool book for anyone who loves physical activity - and also for those of us learning to like it. It gives very practical instruction on how to expand awareness while going more deeply into synchronizing mind and organism.

Written by: Karl Knopf M.D.
Reviewed by: Susanna Hutcheson

This is a cool book and should be in the fitness library of anyone who uses or is considering using the foam roller. I recently began using one and find it great. Trouble was, I didn''t know what all I could do with it and didn''t know how to use it properly to give me the many benefits it provides.

Written by: Olivia H. Miller, Nicole Kaufman
Reviewed by: Candy Franklin

Although I''ve been into exercising and working out for years, I never actually put much notice into stretching. I got this along with The 5-second Flat Belly Secret - Lose 2-3 Inches from Your Belly in Less Than 1 Month for Kindle in order to become more customizable and get a flatter waist area.

Written by: Leslie Kaminoff, Amy Matthews
Reviewed by: Ms Muffintop

Lots and lots of images with a mind-numbingly big number of latin words for organism parts, muscles, bones etc. If you have already taken a college level course in anatomy this would be a nice reference for your yoga teaching.

Written by: Tara Stiles
Reviewed by: Theresa Thiel

Very few books remain on my coffee table or next to my bed, but thisone will linger for confident. I like the practical app of "Yoga Cures" yoga poses to lift my spirits, relieve a hangover, tightenjiggly thighs.

hence the reason it will stay in close reach.

Written by: Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, Ray Moss, AmBurfoot
Reviewed by: drameya

After completing 3 half marathon, I was beginning to plateau and was seeking a good and reliable training program to enhance my pace. I came across "Run Less, Run Faster" from an email received from Runners World.

Written by: P. Seymour
Reviewed by: sheepfarmer

I am so glad that I got "Exercise for Weight Loss" because the section titled Add Peace in Your Routine is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for that.

Written by: Sharon Whisler
Reviewed by: Jason Whitle

20 yoga poses? There are 21. The last one (a bonus. ) being the most hight-priority and my most loved. This is a awesome guide on easy yoga poses. Each of the 21 poses has a image showing how to do it.

Written by: Blandine Calais-Germain
Reviewed by: D. DiMeo

Great. Highly advise "No-Risk Abs. A Safe Workout Program for Core Strength". I''ve done so many Dvd''s and various ab workouts and nothing comes close to how efficient these are.

Who would think something so easy would add such a exercise. I''m impressed these workouts aren''t more recommended.

Written by: AmBurfoot, Bart Yasso, Jennifer Van Allen, Pam Nisevich Bede
Reviewed by: Michael Eade

Having run now for over a year I''m starting to train for my first marathon. I''ve had a Runners World magazine subscription since I began running, and felt that "Runner''s World Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training" would be ideal for helping me focus on training for a marathon.

Written by: Stephen Phinney, Jeff Volek
Reviewed by: Stephen Ferguson

This is not an completely unbiased review. Having caught a bad case of Type 2 diabetes a year ago I rapidly found out Dr.

Written by: Mary Helen Bowers
Reviewed by: Eliza T.

I''ve been doing Ballet Awesome for just under a year and it''s been amazingly transformative for me. This book embodies everything I like about Ballet Awesome and Mary Helen. It''s comic, optimistic, sensible and very challenging.